Kitty Tunnel by Paul Waldo

Kitty Tunnel, originally uploaded by GeekNeck.

I have this image on my wall at home as a gelatin-silver print from the old film days. I just realized that I haven't posted it anywhere, and remembered that I had scanned the negative a number of years ago.

Pulling that old scan out reminded me that I had a huge archive of scanned negatives I had basically forgotten about. I'm really looking forward to going back through those and making digital copies.

Seeing this has also reminded me how much I prefer digital imaging to analog. I used to load my own bulk film into canisters, develop the film, and make prints with an enlarger in a closet or bathroom. While I shot a lot of film, I didn't have a whole lot to show for it, except a bunch of negatives. Making prints with chemicals and an enlarger is a huge time sink. Not that digital isn't, but the difference is that analog processing required huge blocks of time, whereas digital lets me work at my own pace. Once chemicals are mixed and poured, they go bad, so I would essentially devote a whole weekend to print making. How often do we have the luxury of spending an entire weekend doing something?